A. mp Performance

The latest A. mp performance was held at Dunham Hall Theater, where the team performed 5 installments from classical and contemporary composers. The event was an immersive multimedia experience that integrates live performance with electronic sounds, choreography, and animation. The visuals were a combinations of 2D, 3D and machine learning processes. 

Each of the installments can be viewed below, along with stills, descriptions and credits for collaborators.

Core Team:
Michael Boswell
Peter John Kearney
Angela Kim

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This energetic mixed media piece is full of bursts, bangs, and crashes. One of our audience members described the piece as “the happiest anxiety attack.”

Composition by:
Dan VanHassel

In collaboration with:
Tim Livezey

Fur Alina

What is framing this piece by Arvo Pärt is not the sound, but the silence. Silence is written into the piece providing sonic space in between notes and fragments. There is the beginning and the ending, but the musical happenings in between are suspended in time.

Performed by:
Angela Kim

Lush Intrinsic

“All of the electronic sounds are created using piano samples, most of which are captured live during the performance. The electronics are conceived as a means to extend and augment the piano’s capabilities, at times creating dense polyrhythmic textures”

– Dan VanHassel

Composition by:
Dan VanHassel

Performed by:
Angela Kim

Developed with:

J.S. Bach

Written based on one of the oldest compositional techniques in music history: counterpoint. Three separate melodies move, counter move, and develop throughout the entire piece towards the one final moment when they come together: the final cadence.

Performed By:
Angela Kim

John Cage

Inspired by one of the most significant collaborations of the 20th century performance arts: Merce Cunningham and John Cage. Prepared piano music by Cage is combined with movement and visuals to create one ultimate multimedia experience.

Choreography By:
Kevin Hockenberry