Good Weather

With his most recent output Michael Boswell offers a sigh of relief: Ahhhhhh. Using the product-ridden vernacular of subcultures, Boswell shares a visceral response to the superficial and metaphysical hunt for pleasure and preservation. And the two get mixed up posthaste. Riffing off of motifs—cigarettes, Nike, crystals—the work settles in a trancelike condition that alludes to youth, assimilation, fetishization, death, afterlife, and the intersection of the tangent line of virtue and the parabolic wave of vice. Eliciting the concept of eternal return, Boswell uses polished emblems of mass culture to reveal a cycle of self-consumption. Enjoyment begets cavities. This orbital engagement highlights the indeterminacy between pleasure and preservation, and the role desire plays in an augmented consciousness in this post-patriotic material world.

-Haynes Riley via Good Weather


Curation & Show Statement:
Haynes Riley of Good Weather

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