Wire-O bound compilation of spreads pulled from zines 1-8. 

Immersive design system for the new Spotify Premium brand. 

Solo show at Good Weather 

Seasonal graphic statements from 2021-2022. 

Synthetic worlds built to commemorate the launch of Saturday’s 2020 Summer Collection.

Design system and promotional assets for A.mp collective.

Print to merch collection commemorating the launch of the interdisciplinary studio. 

A sprial bound compendium of loose ideas advanced by Titian‘s Bacchus and Ariadne.

Immersive audio visual experience performed at Dunham Hall Theater.

Campaign for Angela Kim’s recent performance at the Choral Room. 

Hero performance photography of Angela Kim for A.mp.

Original art pieces and curation for WeWork’s new SoHo location in NYC. 

Campaign and animations for Vevo’s SXSW showcase in Austin, TX. 

Collage studies constructed from the remnants of recent projects and visual explorations. 

236 page signature-bound compendium celebrating Vevo’s biggest achievements of 2017. 

Sleeve design for Dj Elbeau’s recent Deep House single Seldom Seeker. 

Dimensional workshop exploring form, space, light and color. 

Brand system for Bonobo’s satellite project encompassing festivals, radio shows and a record label.  

A loose compendium furiously compiled in the spirit of Dionysus.  

Identity and design system for both Brookes Boswell Millinery and Shop Boswell.